Diamonds (Diabetes and Mental Illness: Improving Outcomes and Services) is a programme of research, led by University of York academics. Due to the sensitive nature of their research, they needed an identity that would make them appear both professional and accessible to their service users.

University of York

Identity Design, Research


Due to the names of the research projects – Emerald, Sapphire and Diamonds; the use of gemstones for the identity was a natural choice. 

Diamonds Logo. Designed for the University of York by Leanne Mallinder.Diamonds Logo. Designed for the University of York by Leanne Mallinder.

The 'parent' Diamonds logo combines its own gemstone along with the research projects gemstones. The individual research project logos needed to be visually distinct from each other while demonstrating that the projects are linked.


When designing the logos it was important to consider their future applications, as it will be rolled out across social media, presentations, recruitment posters, conference banners and information leaflets.