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29th March 2017 - Comments Off on Challenging myself to 36 Days of Type

Challenging myself to 36 Days of Type

Last month, on a whim, I decided to take part in 36 Days of Type – an event where creatives from anywhere in the world undertake to design a letter/number everyday for 36 days. There are no restrictions as to how these can be created.

I was hugely impressed with many of the submissions – a great deal of time, thought and effort had gone into their work. I was especially blown away by some of the 3D work, which looked so realistic I was nearly fooled into believing a few of them were real! Due to only deciding to take part on the day the challenge started (see I wasn't joking about the whim!) I chose to see the project as a personal challenge – to try and be a bit more creative everyday, do work other than what I am paid to do and who knows even learn something.

You can see some of my alphabet below. Admittedly it is a random collection of vector illustrations, papercutting, photography and some (beginners) animation.

For the numbers stage of the challenge I stuck to illustration (again on a whim) and created a small series of vector illustrations based on the theme Things You'll Find On Or Around My Desk. Catchy I know.

I'd never got involved in something like this before because I felt I couldn't justify the time, seeing it as a luxury that should be spent trying to bring paid work in. Some days my submissions were done in a rush, fitting them in around work, but I stuck to it and didn't miss a day. I enjoyed pushing myself to come up with something new everyday and I appreciated the daily engagement I was having with the other participants. It has definitely helped me re-engage with my creativity and enthusiasm for design.

All of my letters and numbers are available to view on my Instagram and Behance pages.